Embers of the Forgotten Kingdom

Created by Andreas Walters

Raised in Kickstarter
$15,450.00 / 410 backers
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$1,591.00 / 423 backers


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PDF Companion - D&D 5e
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PDF Companion - Pathfinder
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PDF Companion - Shadow of the Demon Lord
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PDF Companion - OSR/AD&D
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PDF Companion - Cypher System
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PDF Companion - Savage Worlds
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PDF Companion - Dungeon World
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PDF Companion - 13th Age
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PDF Companion - FATE


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Embers PDF
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Embers PRINT

Learn About Our Project:

 All backers, who receive a PDF or more, will receive two free PDF statbooks of their system of choice.
Any additional statbook will be a $5 add-on. 
Systems so far supported: D&D 5th Edition, Pathfinder, Shadow of the Demon Lord, OSR/AD&D, Cypher System , Dungeon World , FATE, Savage Worlds & 13th Age.


Embers is a systemless art and lore book designed to inspire GMs and players, much like the Baby Bestiary was. However, instead of adorable creatures, we have a line-up of dark fantasy characters and creatures to invade your games. 


Book Cover Mockup
Book Cover Mockup

The print version of Embers will be a high-end book, hardcover, featuring a black leather cover with a gold foil stamp. Currently, the book is slated for 67 pages. 

Once funded, we have planned stretch goals to expand the book, adding more characters, creatures, and interesting locations to make the book a key component to any dark fantasy campaign. 

It is important to note that the main Embers book contains no character stats, rules, or tables. This keeps the material focused on art and lore. 

If you're craving crunch to simply take these characters and creatures and stick them into your game system of choice, we will be unlocking these via our social stretch goals (see below).Each achievement attained will allow you the backers to vote on the next system we write rules for.

TOC; Design, background and organization still subject to change
TOC; Design, background and organization still subject to change


Page Mockup
Page Mockup









 Stretch Goals

  • 10k - (UNLOCKED) Each backer gets two free system companions, we're also adding + 13th Age to the companion list (since it was so close)  
  • 11k - (UNLOCKED) - 4 pages of adventure seeds (71 pages total)
  • 12k - Location expansion, 2 pages per location (79 pages total)   
  • 14k - Embers Map (80 pages) 
  • 16k - System Companion ramp-up with inks by John Devlin, known for his unique style and Dark Souls art (portfolio
  • 18k - Character lore expansion (93 pages total)


14 Goals Reached (7 PDF stat companions unlocked)  All backers, who receive a PDF or more, will receive a TWO free PDF statbooks of their system of choice.
Additional systems are a $5 addon.

Systems so far supported: 

  • D&D 5th Edition
  • Pathfinder
  • Shadow of the Demon Lord 
  • OSR
  • Cypher System
  • Savage Worlds
  • Dungeon World
  • FATE
  • 13th Age
Vote for the next three systems Here


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Social Goals - How it works

Share or like any of the above links. When we hit the specific milestones per category we will earn an Achievement, for every 2 achievements that are gained we will make a PDF system companion addon avaliable to you the backers.

Once a PDF system compainion is unlocked, we will post a vote for the backers to decide which system (eg D&D 5e, pathfinder, Shadow of the Demon Lord, ect) the companion will be made for. 

If some of this feels familiar, it's because we were greatly inspired by the Soulsborne series and wanted to make the our characters and creatures be able to fit into that world, even though we are building our world to fit the common tabletop fantasy world.

What is Soulsborne? Soulsborne relates to five games produced by Japanese company From Software, including Dark Souls, Demon Souls and Bloodborne. Beneath the sheer difficulty of the game, you also discover a beautiful design aesthetic. The game does not force its story upon you; in fact, you have to go out of your way to discover the lore and learn about what is really going on. From this, a massive YouTube community has arisen to piece together what they believe are the stories of the characters in that world and it was these lore videos that inspired us to make Embers. 

Posted with permission from VaatiVidya


Leader of the pack and visionary for Metal Weave Games. He is the mastermind of the two-time ENnie award-winning Baby Bestiary Volume 1 and ENnie nominated RPG aid Non-Player Cards. With more than 20 different products released, including 5 successful Kickstarter, Metal Weave Games is becoming a recognized star in the tabletop RPG world for its high quality and inspirational focus on design.

Liz is a game developer and writer who lives in the Netherlands. She is the owner and founder Angry Hamster Publishing, a tabletop roleplay company. She is also the lead developer of the Heroes & Villains book for 7th Sea by John Wick Presents, and has written for companies such as Khepera Publishing and Third Eye Games. When not in her own imaginary world Liz keeps busy with crafting and walking her dog. You can find out more about her games at and follow her on Twitter @angryhamsterrpg.

Ben lived on a desert island for two years and served as an officer in the USAF. Long ago and far away, he beat Zeb Cook in a Greyhawk trivia contest. Ordo Hermes vitae. He fences saber, brews beer, cooks Chinese, and writes and plays RPGs--though he does none of these things as much as he would like anymore. Premises guarded by man with shotgun three nights a week. You guess the nights. Yes, that's a real fish.

 Sarah Richardson is the author of Velvet Glove, co-author of Bluebeard’s Bride, and an employee of Magpie Games. She has also written for other RPGs such as The Baby Bestiary 1 & 2 and Witch: Fated Souls. In addition to her design work, Sarah has served as layout artist on Epyllion: A Dragon Epic, No Salvation for Witches, and The Cold Ruins of Lastlife. Sarah’s illustrations have been featured in many an RPG. 

Gareth Hodges, Cosm Games' founder and lead developer, wears many hats. He is lead editor for Metal Weave Games, sits on the Monte Cook Games Editorial Board and runs a crowdfunding consultancy business on the side. He has taken 30 years of deep passion for the creativity and imagination that roleplaying allows and tempered it with experience teaching postgrad business communication and project management. He's also a passionate mental health advocate, feminist, and LGBT ally. 

Hespa is a fiction and non-fiction writer and editor, who is currently collaborating with Gareth on writing and developing the Crucible roleplaying system from Cosm Games. When not writing or gaming, she daylights (opposite of moonlights) as a park ranger and general nature nerd, with a sideline in asexual advocacy. She previously worked with Metal Weave Games as a writer and editor on Baby Bestiary Vol 2.